We are a small, but versatile team of professionals. We invite you to explore ways in which we could help you achieve your goals.

  • Marcin Żmudzki serves as company president, the team’s lead IT consultant, business and organizational strategy consultant. On occasion, Marcin also free-lances as a Polish language translator, editor and interpreter, participating in fascinating public and private activities in the Washington metropolitan area.
  • Kat Zmudzki is the company’s business manager. She is in charge of finances, accounting, tax reporting and other business operations. Kasia also teaches Polish, working as a free-lancer and at large language service firms based in Northern Virginia. Finally, Katatrzyna is a capable computer consultant, who can fix and configure Apple and Windows machines and tackle many technical challenges related to online marketing and business operations.
  • Rafał Starek is one of our associates in Poland. He is a certified computer technician who provides support for clients in and around Brwinów, but he is also working with Marcin Żmudzki to launch a new remote help desk service, which will provide computer configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting assistance to clients anywhere.

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