Rafał Starek

Rafał Starek is a certified computer technician based in Poland. Working with Marcin Żmudzki, Rafał is preparing to launch a new remote help desk service, which will provide computer configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting assistance to clients anywhere, using the latest online tools. Meanwhile, Rafał also provides on-site support for clients in and around Brwinów.

After graduating from the Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz High School in Brwinów, Rafał has completed a series of information technology training courses. He has earned the European Computer Driving License certification (ECDL), sponsored by the ECDL Foundation. Over the years, Rafał has provided computer support services to many clients and has become an advanced computer technician.

Rafał can perform the following tasks:

  • Repair desktop and laptop computers
  • Select, install and configure computer operating systems
  • Assemble and upgrade computer hardware
  • Comprehensive computer maintenance, including replacement of hardware components and software applications
  • Clean-up and malware/virus removal
  • Internet access and local area network configuration
  • Computer literacy tutoring and specialized application training for users

Rafał has good command of the English language, in addition to being a native speaker of Polish.

Aside from IT, his hobbies include music, film and technological novelties.

Contact: Rafał Starek can be reached by phone at +48 790 352 097 or via email at rs@zmudzkiconsulting.com.

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